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Dme1923 – APP Diemme Enologia

The Dme1923 APP was created to give customers the ability to remotely monitor Diemme Enology machinery on their devices (Smartphone, Tablet, etc..) and to be informed in real time with notifications on the status of work sequences, alerts, possible alarms,…

Hand vs mechanical grape harvest

Grape harvest – the process of gathering of grapes – is a moment with a strong impact on the success of the wine because it contributes significantly to define quality and organoleptic characteristics of the final product. One of the…


A topic of oenological particular interest is product reception and selection both in the field and in the winery. In this article we will focus on DIEMME Enologia S.p.A. proposals for the winery production process. - The objective of selection…

Diemme Enologia is a company with a long tradition in the wine-making field, since the 1920’s indeed Diemme has started to develop the first equipment for grape pressing.

 DIEMME Enologia S.p.A.
Via Bedazzo, 19 – 48022 Lugo (Ra) Italy
Telefono: +39 0545 219911
Fax: +39 0545 33002
PI:00571910397 – C.F. e Registro Imprese di Ravenna n.00571290378
R.E.A. di RAVENNA n. 109738
Capitale Sociale € 2.070.000,00 i.v.

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