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“New Technology Award” for Digital Juice System

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DIEMME Enologia will be awarded with the first prize New Technology Award at the next SIMEI 2022 in Milan for the innovation technology at the Innovation Challenge. The product presented is the Digital Juice System, the first analytical device for optimizing and supervising the pressing cycles.

By using of specific algorithms, IoT technology, A.I., advanced sensors and the interconnection that can be used by a wide range of devices (PC, tablet, smartphone), it is possible to optimize and monitor the different pressing cycles making them more flexible and autonomous.

Mention for Innovation for Filtering Channel Lesslees at VINITECH SIFEL

This technology will receive the award for New Technology in occasion of the exhibition VINITECH-SIFEL 2022. New design for the essential element of the pneumatic press, the new channel lesslees uses a filter media mounted on the supporting frame that allows a micro-separation solid-liquid, opposite to the traditional slots cut on the metal sheet. We reduce thus the quantity of lees produced, apart from the applied process or the features of the grape, without jeopardizing the extraction yields or the duration of the pressing cycle.

Diemme Enologia is a company with a long tradition in the wine-making field, since the 1920’s indeed Diemme has started to develop the first equipment for grape pressing.

 DIEMME Enologia S.p.A.
Via Bedazzo, 19 – 48022 Lugo (Ra) Italy
Telefono: +39 0545 219911
Fax: +39 0545 33002
PI:00571910397 – C.F. e Registro Imprese di Ravenna n.00571290378
R.E.A. di RAVENNA n. 109738
Capitale Sociale € 2.070.000,00 i.v.

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